The perfect gift for any animal lover all I need is a photo of your fur-friend and we can get started.

Make a statement with this food safe, dishwasher and oven safe, chip and dip bowl, hand made by me, Crystal Shade in my Nashville TN studio. The best gift you will ever give, heck forget gift, you know you want one for yourself.

It"s fully functional but let's get real this is a one of a kind piece of art that will be cherished forever.



I sculpt the critter then hand-build the bowl and platter, all from the finest English Porcelain. It is then allowed to slowly dry over several weeks, when completely dry it heads to the bisque kiln . When kiln reaches about 660 F, the chemically bonded water will begin to be driven off. By the time the clay reaches 930 F, the clay becomes completely dehydrated. At this point, the clay is changed forever; it is now a ceramic material.


The bisque firing continues until the kiln reaches about 1730 F. At this temperature, the piece has sintered, making it less fragile while remaining porous enough to accept the application of glazes.


After the desired temperature has been reached, the kiln is turned off. The cooling is slow to avoid breaking  due to stress from the temperature change. After the kiln is completely cool, about 24 hours, it is opened and the newly created bisqueware removed.


I then apply glazes to the bisqueware. After glazes are applied and have a chance to dry, the ware is carefully loaded into the kiln for the glaze firing. Pieces cannot be allowed to touch at all or the glazes will melt together, welding the pots together. 


The kiln is heated slowly to 2260 F to bring the clay and glazes to maturity and then slowly cooled again. 

Only after the kiln has cooled aprox. 24 hours, it is opened and unloaded.


The changes in temperature in the kiln cause a remarkable change in the clay and glaze. Pots change from a soft, fragile substance to one that is rock-hard, impervious to water and time.


Custom Pet Chip and Dip


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